Dr. Nadia Kelbova | Justyna Kielbowicz at South Tipperary Arts Centre

10 August to 3 September

Dr. Nadia Kelbova was born in 1961 in Krasnogorsk, a small city in Russia. After she graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology she moved to the United States to continue studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kelbova was very passionate about physics, particularly quantum physics. At the age of 23, she began to work at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in New Jersey, where she spent her days and nights searching for questions to the answers that she had in her mind. She was almost immediately recognised by her peers as an exceptional talent and celebrated internationally for her research involving electromagnetic, light and gravitational waves.

Kelbova’s experiments were being published widely when she began to work on a project to free the minds of all humans from the horrible and terrible technologies created at the end of Second World War and through to the Cold War. When she was sure she was right, Kelbova presented her most spectacular research to date, this time about the use of psychotronic weaponry in Europe, Asia and the United States. Her success was rewarded differently this time and jealous competitors suggested a harder tap of the democratic stick should have been administered the day she landed in the free world.

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