mother’s tank station at Art Basel Hong Kong

23 to 25 March

Nina Canell, Chloë Chuek, 崔洁 Cui Jie, Mairead O’hEocha, Maggie Madden

mother’s tankstation limited’s curated presentation for Art Basel, Hong Kong, 2017, conflates the work of five female artists, known and emerging, eastern, western, who share the commonality of practicing without foregrounding agendas of feminism or identity politics. Rather, they individually embody a branch of humanist investigation that in combination explores the nuanced understandings of our contemporary world.

Cui Jie (CN), best known for her architectural pittura metafisica, paintings of lone buildings isolated from the contemporary megalopolis, debuts new sculpture; structures scanned directly from her remarkable paintings and interpolated from virtual to (ethe)real space. Nina Canell’s (SW) cutaway high-voltage cable, unearthed from a Berlin street, sits hopelessly as a branch-like trophy to lost energy. Chloë Cheuk’s (HK) intimate sculptural installations inhabit domestic space, speaking of the subtle loneliness of companionship; an illuminated, corner-mounted light bulb casts a hopeful glow onto a disconnected companion. Maggie Madden‘s (IRL) drawings in space, minimalist sculptures ostensibly constructed from salvaged, familiar but unwanted materials, phone wires and plastic shopping bags, dominate territory yet are simultaneously near-invisible. For the past two years Mairead O’hEocha’s (IRL) paintings have single-mindedly focused on the complex socio-historiographics of flower painting, and the latest works in this on-going investigation counterpoint the luminescence of exotics against extraordinary light-sucking grounds.

Art Basel Hong Kong
Hong Kong Convention Centre

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