Wenn Grenzen Verblassen (When Boundaries Fade) | Group Exhibition at Galerie Nothburga, Austria

12 September to 7 October 2017

Leonard Sheil (Irl) and Norbert Maringer (Öst) show work together for the first time at Galerie Nothburga, Innsbruck, Austria. Sheil’s painting, and Maringer’s objects and sculpture sit uncomfortably together but connect in unexpected ways. The nature of transience and boundary are explored with Sheil’s continued references to the sea, which his exhibition in Ireland this year at Droichead Arts Centre, explored forensically. On the other hand with Maringer’s work he uses earth/soil that runs like a red thread through almost all of the pieces – perhaps representing the fluidity of nature and its disregard for territory and defined perimeters.


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