Through A Glass Darkly | Margaret O’Brien at Galway Arts Centre

11 August to 9 September
The exhibition will open on 11 August, 6pm. The same evening, Margaret O’Brien in collaboration with two contemporary dancers will present Be-ing, a free performance in Nuns Island Theatre.

Margaret O’Brien works with installation and sculpture using a variety of materials and methodologies including electrical currents, live sound, light, moving image and kinetics. Her approach is not prescriptive, and involves an experimental use of materials that disturb a pre-existing or familiar relationship to the object, for example chimney brushes, copper piping and neon tubing. With strong sensitivities to gallery site and context, O’Brien develops immersive installations as a means of connecting materially, physically and psychologically to a space, whilst challenging passive modes of viewing in the audience. O’Brien draws on the physical and psychological relationship of the viewer to the environment and manipulates the psyche in an immediate, involuntary response to the work.

On Friday 11 August Margaret O’Brien will present Be-ing, a free live dance performance with Eve Rogers and Elizabeth Clarke that marks a new departure in her practice. The 6 minute performance will run at 6.45pm and 7.45pm. Through repetition and the reflexive structure of Be-ing, the piece explores philosophical ideas of time, space and self, using flash lighting and the movement of dance. The work produces after-images on the retina of the viewer that are equally as present and compelling as the brief moments the live scene is illuminated and perceived.

Galway Arts Centre
47 Lower Dominick Street, Galway
T: (091) 565 886