How The Light Gets In | Brian Cregan at Riverbank Arts Centre, Co. Kildare

19 to 22 December
Exhibition Launch, Tuesday 19 December, 6.30pm

Inspired by a childhood spent living on the edge of the Curragh, artist Brian Cregan has created a series of photographs using pinhole photography. The cameras used in the work have been constructed from everyday objects and adapted to become light-proof boxes with pinhole apertures; in essence, cameras in their simplest form. Some of these include an old binoculars case that was used watching the races at the Curragh, an artillery shell from the Curragh Camp and a picture frame. They are based on the centuries-old idea of the camera obscura, an optical device used to create paintings and drawings.

Working from a darkroom, setup at Newbridge Educate Together primary school, Cregan has created images that seek to reconnect with the discoveries, experiments and failures of early pioneers in photography from the 1800s. Depicting diverse topography from woodlands to historical sites, the images also represent the rich heritage and landscape of the Curragh and surrounding areas. The artist will run a series of photography workshops during the exhibition, as well as a series of exhibition tours explaining some of the ideas behind the work.

Riverbank Arts Centre, Main Street, Newbridge, Co. Kildare
T: (045) 448327