Memory Has A Pulse | Group Exhibition at Engage Longford

21 to 30 September

This exhibition examines the use of language, literature and text in the visual realm. All three artists pay homage to words and language in their work and use it in diverse ways and at various stages during the work process. The exhibition will include installation, painting, print works, text and film.

For Brezing, words come before the work begins, they are the starting point in the incubating process; Robinson uses overheard conversations and his own mutterings which he moulds and moves from word to visual, while Cotter works with the written word directly applied to paper and canvas, addressing memories and thoughts that form as his work evolves.

What initially brought the three artists together aside from friendship was their interest in word and literature in the visual arts and their own use of text and language in their paintings, drawings, installations and sound work. At closer inspection, they realized memory is also a common denominator, and how everything slides from the present to memory in an instant. This memory is also attached to ‘things’ and ‘stuff’, these also change over time through use and misuse. They change when exposed to the elements and they change when you bury them. In one such act the three artists buried things dear to them to be dug up again for the exhibition, in their new form, with a new pulse.

Memory Has A Pulse is a touring exhibition previously shown at 126 Artist Run-Gallery and NUI Galway, during Galway Arts Festival, July 2017.

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