Tidal Offerings | Anne Jeffares at Signal Arts Centre

31 July to 13 August

Anne Jeffares is a contemporary textile artist and tutor who lives and works in Co. Wicklow. For the past fourteen years, she has been teaching fashion in further education as well as delivering courses and workshops in textile art. Her work has been exhibited in Ireland, Europe and America. Anne is also a member of the 04 Group of Textile Artists and The Irish Guild of Embroiderers.
The space between the shoreline and the cliff face of the North Beach at Bray is a constant source of inspiration and discovery for Anne. This landscape at the mercy of both weather and tides is constantly changing, depositing a variety of treasures and detritus at the same time on the beach.

Observations of the changing landscape, found objects gathered on walks, pocket size treasures and tidal offerings have been sorted and arranged together for this work on cloth, embodying the essence of this landscape. Using sketch books and photography, each piece is built from hand dyed, printed and stitched cotton, linen, wool or silk. Marks have been made on the fabric directly from the found objects; though the objects may appear random, they have in fact been chosen for their shape, colour and texture.

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