Publishing is a core aspect of Visual Artists’ Ireland’s activities.

Produced bi-monthly, The Visual Artists News Sheet (or ‘VAN’ to its friends) is an accessible and broad ranging ‘newspaper for artists’ that covers everything from the latest critical debates to studio techniques; along with providing an overview of all the most up to date opportunities and recent and ongoing visual art activity across Ireland.  Outlines of back issues of VAN can be viewed in the archive here and selected articles can be viewed here. A full online archive is available here.

Printed Project, which is published twice a year, takes the longer more reflective view, offering a platform for selected International and Irish ‘Curator / Editors’ to explore contemporary visual arts practice and debates. Recent editions have considered issues of globalisation, migration, artistic autonomy and art and economics.

Visual Artists Ireland also produces other publications, including survey and policy documents relating to the development of the visual arts sector.

In addition, Visual Artists Ireland has produced catalogues and other publications associated with its artistic programme including exhibitions and symposia.