The Manual: A Survival Guide for Visual Artists


The Business of ART

Making art and making an art career are two different things. A professional artist is responsible for the day to day business of their career such as financial management, applying for grants and funding, documenting work marketing, promotion, researching opportunities, and a list of other tasks. These areas are not always covered within the education system so, while highly educated and skilled, many visual artists are not prepared for the reality of life after art school.

As an artist led organisation VAI is keenly aware that artists are pressed for time, trying to fit their art making into daily lives that juggle family, work and other commitments. We hope this manual will provide you with some of the tools to make the most of the opportunities that come your way, whether it be pursuing a post graduate course, getting a studio, entering juried exhibitions, initiating your own projects or getting representation through a gallery. But, don’t forget… you should never rely on an opportunity finding you. It is very much you creating them for yourself. VAI is there to assist you with the many services and information channels that we offer to professional visual artists in all art forms.

Visual Artists Ireland offers the content of this manual for guidance only. These texts are for personal use and may not be reproduced or distributed in any way without the written permission of the writers or publishers.