Profile Your Public Art in the Visual Artists’ News Sheet

If you have recently been involved in a public commission, percent for art project, socially-engaged project or any other form of ‘art outside the gallery’ we would like you to email us the information for publication in the next issue of the Visual Artists News Sheet.

• Artist name(s)
• Title of work
• Commissioning body
• Date advertised
• Date sited/carried out
• Budget
• Commission type
• Project Partners
• Brief description of the work (300 words)
• A high-resolution, print-quality image (300 dpi; minimum 2000 pixels in width and height)

Artworks or projects must have been undertaken in the last six months, to be included in this section. We only have space for up to four public art items per issue, so not all proposals can be included. Where possible, proposals that do not make it into one issue will be included in the next.

Public Art Roundup proposals for the March/April Issue of the VAN should be sent to by Wednesday 14 February.