Careers & Internships

Visual Artists Ireland is a small dedicated team. Each year we help more than 56 thousand artists, art workers, and arts organisations. Our vision is to provide the right services and support to support visual artists and the visual arts in Ireland.

Although we have very few vacancies during the year, we operate a rolling programme of paid internships. Feedback from participants has been positive to date as our selection focusses very strongly on the ability of a candidate, their depth of knowledge of our sector, and the outcomes that they wish to see as part of their work with us.

Working with VAI gives an unparalleled experience of the visual arts sector. Every day, you’ ll find us tackling complex projects and problems and working across the many aspects of the visual arts sector. We offer direct and immediate services to our members and non-members alike.

We advertise our placement opportunities here, but if you feel that you have something specific to contribute, then please feel free to contact us with your vision of how you can assist Visual Artists Ireland progress in our work, knowledge that you would like to gain from us, and how available you are.


Visual Artists Ireland has an active internship programme. Several times per year we do a call for applications. We seek interns who wish to learn, to acquire skills, to make connections, and to explore a possible career. Our internships are in the areas of cultural policy, professional development, event management and administrative services.

It is the responsibility of each staff member to identify if there is a specific need for an intern within their work. The need is clearly defined, and a job description is prepared including an outline of the project that the intern will be resposible for. It is recommended that there is a clear outline of what the intern will gain from the experience as well as the sustainable aspects of the work when the internship is at an end.

It is our policy that we clearly value the important contribution that interns make to the work of the organisation. We wish for them to receive insight and experience of the visual arts sector, and for that reason encourage interns who come to work with us to identify specific areas of interest or specific projects that they may have that we can assist them with.

Our interns are held to the high standards of behaviour and service that all staff must deliver. We pay interns a weekly stipend, and where possible we identify other paid work that they may be able to undertake. We require interns to complete weekly time sheets that they will hand to the Office Manager.

In return, we expect our interns to be excellent timekeepers, professional in dealings with their colleagues and our members, and willing to listen and learn as well as knowing the appropriate moments in which to share their ideas and thoughts.

The intern will report directly to the person in charge of their project work, and have recourse to the Office Manager.