Northern Ireland Manager – 06 February 2014

Visual Artists Ireland is now advertising for the contract position of Northern Ireland Manager.  Full details of the position, the application process, and documentation required are given below.



  • Title Northern Ireland Manager
  • Functional Area Northern Ireland
  • Reports to Chief Executive Officer/Director
  • Employment Status Part Time [Contract]
  • Interview Process Preliminary Interviews will be held in Northern Ireland.Shortlisted candidates will be asked to prepare and deliver a 10 minute presentation to VAI staff on their view on current visual arts affairs in Northern Ireland and a vision for current and future VAI services. We will offer a £75 stipend to short listed characters to assist them prepare and to pay for journey costs.
  • Hours 2.5 Days per week


  • Visiting local artists groups, studios and exhibitions to raise awareness of VAI and our services as well as to keep us up to date on current activities across Northern Ireland;
  • Working with Visual Artists Ireland’s staff and partners to generate opportunities for professional visual artists;
  • Planning and coordinating Visual Artists Ireland events in Northern Ireland;
  • Planning and delivery of Visual Artists Ireland’s Professional Development programme in Northern Ireland in consultation with Visual Artists Ireland’s Professional Development Manager;
  • Planning and co-ordination of Local Area Community Groups in consultation with Visual Artists’ Ireland’s Advocacy Officer;
  • Provision of regular articles and bi-monthly column to The Visual Artists News Sheet in consultation with Visual Artists Ireland’s Publications Manager;
  • Attending conferences, events and meetings on behalf of Visual Artists Ireland;
  • Assessing, Recording and Reporting of achievements of projects and programmes (Monthly Written and Monthly Meeting with All VAI Staff);
  • Increasing Visual Artists Ireland Membership in Northern Ireland.


  • Communication
    • Excellent verbal and written skills
    • Ability to communicate to a wide range of individuals and organisations.
  • Team work
    • Self-motivated with ability to be part of a close-knit team of dedicated professionals
    • A positive frame of mind tempered with realism.
  • Problem solving
    • Ability to build unique solutions based on Visual Artists Ireland’s ethos of placing the visual artist first;
    • Ability to listen, offer advice, and to utilise the knowledge and expertise of Visual Artists Ireland to the benefit of artists in Northern Ireland.
    • Self Management
    • The position is at a senior level so the expectation of self-management and self-motivation is key;
    • The position requires a strong sense of direction with the ability to plan;
    • The position requires flexibility in terms of time and travel.
  • Planning and organising
    •  Forward planning is a must;
    • The position requires the ability to be able to organise at a local level and to feed into Visual Artists Ireland’s delivery at a national level;
    • The position requires the planning and delivery of existing services and is open to new ideas that are strongly supported by identified visual artists’ needs;
    • The position requires a planned number of regular visits to our partner organisations to develop projects and services for artists in all parts of Northern Ireland.
  • Technology
    • Standard applications skills include: Word Processing; Spreadsheets; Presentation Software
  • Initiative and enterprise
    • The role requires strong initiative and the ability to communicate this both to Visual Artists Ireland’s management and staff as well as to our key stakeholders;
    • A key requirement will be visibility and the ability to gain the trust of visual artists and visual arts organisations in Northern Ireland;
    • The role will require the incumbent to draft proposals for VAI responses to policy and consultation requests.


  • Knowledge, Skills & Experience:
    • Strong knowledge of the visual arts sector in Northern Ireland, Great Britain, and the Republic of Ireland;
    • Strong knowledge and relationships with the key players of the visual arts sector in Northern Ireland;
    • Strong knowledge of current issues and cultural policies in Northern Ireland, Great Britain, and the Republic of Ireland


  • Reports to: Chief Executive Officer/Director
  • Manages: Local area groups
  • Internal Contacts: Advocacy, Advice & Membership Officers; Information Officer; Publications Manager; Professional Development Manager; Office Manager; Accounts
  • External Contacts: VAI Partners in Northern Ireland


Employees are responsible and accountable for:

  • Compliance with workplace policies and procedures for risk identification, risk assessment and risk control
  • Active participation in activities associated with the management of workplace health and safety
  • Identification and reporting of health and safety risks, accidents, incidents, injuries and property damage at the workplace

7. Office

  • The role is currently based one day per week in Belfast in the offices of our partner organisation, Digital Arts Studios;The role requires a monthly visit to Visual Artists Ireland’s headquarters;The role requires the ability to travel to all parts of Northern Ireland to meet artists in their local area as well as to meet with Visual Artists Ireland’s partner organisation.

Deadline for Applications: 20 February 2014 @ 5:30pm
Applications should include a comprehensive résumé, a letter indicating suitability for the position, and outlines of any potential conflicts of interests.

Candidates must be available for interview the week of 24th February.

It is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure that their applications arrive before the deadline above. Late applications will not be considered.

Applications should be sent to:

Northern Ireland Manager Advertisement
Visual Artists Ireland
Central Hotel Chambers
7/9 Dame Court
Dublin 2

or by email to: