Facts & Statistics

Developing the Arts in Ireland, Arts Council Strategic Overview, 2011-2013

In keeping with Visual Artists Ireland’s strategy, and in support of the Arts Council of Ireland and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s strategies, we maintain a breath and balance of information and support of all visual art forms.  Our membership is across the generations of visual artists.

Visual Artists Ireland has a strong ethos that our work is to the benefit of artists at all stages of career and development, and is not solely to the benefit of paid members of Visual Artists Ireland.  In 2010 we updated our web presence so that we can provide information on the visual arts to the wider public through the upgrade of our website, and also the provision of information through social networking channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and VAI’s own social networking site, The Common Room.

We have also been active with the visual arts sector, government, local authorities, national and international representative bodies and the media to endeavour that the current understand of the status of professional visual artists reflects the reality of life; the uniqueness of visual artists’ needs; their roles in contemporary Ireland; the benefits of visual artists to the life of Irish society; as well as contributing to policies, strategies, and the development of partnerships.

Our work on behalf of the individual is also accompanied by our continued discussions with, and support services for organisations working in the visual arts, or who may have need to access our network.  We work with visual arts service and resource providers, local authorities, development agencies, corporate bodies, and private individuals who require access to professional visual artists.

Since 2009 we have seen an increase in the number of members who have come from other countries to live in Ireland.  Rather than isolating them into specific streams, our policy is one of complete inclusion in terms of the work that we undertake.

It is a very specific objective of Visual Artists Ireland to deliver the above in a concise and effective manner, that is both strategic and responsive to long term and immediate needs of the visual arts sector and specifically visual artists.

Some simple statistics – 2010

Number of registered artists 3,500+
Number of paid members 1,500+
Number of eBulletin Subscribers 8,600+
Number of Visual Artists’ News Sheet recipients 6,000+
Value of opportunities for visual artists advertised €3,700,000+
Number of Readers of Printed Project online 6,071
Number of unique visitors to visualartists.ie 700,000+
Number of members of The Common Room 1,277
Number of artists on workshops & discussion groups 420+
Number of internships offered 10

Feedback – What people say about us…

“…such a lifeline to those of us out in the sticks that I don’t know what I’d do without it.”
“I love the VAI Bulletin its one of my favourite things to see in my inbox!”
“Thank you so much for putting my Cottage and Stables in your e-bulletin.    I have had to practically hire a secretary to deal with the response!”
“I am so grateful for Visual Artists Ireland. It has been and is a critical resource for artists. I thank you for your efforts”
“Your service is an invaluable one to us who work in isolation for its information, weight and lobbying efforts in