02/10/2012 – ‘Restless Spaces I Fragile Traces’

Michelle Considine- ‘Restless Spaces I Fragile Traces’.

Considine looks at the unique and diverse forms found in nature and how extraordinary natural occurrences affect the land and skies around us.
The power of the natural environment, the continual movement and metamophisis of the earth, and the consequences of these, are a reoccuring theme throughout her work.
In paintings, drawings and video, Considine focuses on these issues. An element of the surreal also touched upon inher work expressing almost otherworldly or romantisiced versions of the land and skies. The resulting imagery is both a document and study of the continually active, complex and fragile world around us.

Format of the exhibition: The exhibition is a mix of drawing, painting and video work. The drawing ranges from large scale drawings, the largest is 9′ x 6′ to smaller paintings and a small scale video projection.

Size of space required: variable, can adapt to gallery space.

Are there technical specs available: A projector and computer or dvd player to run video projection

Is there a catalogue available: No

Is there a worked out education / outreach programme: No

Artists’ Fees required: none

Administration Fees required: €150

Contact Details: michelleconsidine@gmail.com

Dates that it is available from: 4 December 2012

In keeping with Visual Artists Ireland’s policy we require venues or events to pay artist’s fees for exhibitions.

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