02/10/2012 – Nowhere Here, Somewhere There

Ciara O’Hara- ‘Nowhere Here, Somewhere There’.

Everyday subjects enter a world similar to that of legend, folklore and mythology in an unidentified space. This results in an unexplained narrative of touching moments and decontextualised encounters in the relationship between man and nature. There is a sense of melancholic hope with the imaginary subjects, predominately children and animals, emerging with a strong knowingness of their existence in this unreal space. Like in folklore and legend, recognisable subjects from our world are involved in unlikely or impossible situations evoking an emotive or didactic response in the audience. This is a place removed from our world, where freedom of movement and restriction co-exist, people become semi-rooted plant-life and animals fight trees for territory.

Format: Wall hanging and free standing.

Outreach: Workshop available.

Fee: 50 euro per hour of workshop.

Available from: November 2012- November 2013


In keeping with Visual Artists Ireland’s policy we require venues or events to pay artist’s fees for exhibitions.

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