03/09/2012 – In/Visible

In/Visible, a print media installation by Canadian artist, Eva McCauley.

“In/Visible” explores the process of memory and recollection, with work inspired by the artist’s recent residencies in Cill Rialiag on the rugged coast in the southwest of Kerry. She has been invited to be artist-in-residence there again in June 2013.
The show features larger-than-life faces, that look like ghostly apparitions, printed on transparent fabric scrims, that co-mingle with ephemeral sky/water photo-based images in the exhibition.

This exhibition is currently installed at the CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Crawford College of Art & Design, 8A Wandesford Quay, Cork until September 15th, 2012.

There is a catalogue in the works, which would include installation shots from the In/Visble exhibitions at the Limerick Printmakers Gallery (Aug/Sept. 2010), Aetery Gallery (September 2010), Wandesford Quay Gallery (Aug/Sept 2012) and subsequent exhibitions that are to take place in Ireland

(The artist is returning to Ireland in the summer 2013 to attend another artist residency in Cill Rialaig, as well as pick up the work from her show, In/Visible)

The exhibition is an insntallation. Twenty transparent silk-like fabric scrims (each 42″ by 8 feet) have been printed with images that started out as hand-pulled prints, and were subsequently digitally captured, enlarged and printed on the fabric with a large-format Aquajet printer. The veil-like scrims are hemmed with a dowel inserted on the top, and suspended from the ceiling of the gallery using fishing line. Because of their transparency, you can see through them, which creates a multi-layered, ephemeral environment. One of the gallery visitors, who attended the opening, described it this way: ” The silk hangings pervade the gallery space without taking up any physical room at all, infusing the space in a very gentle way–powerful and ethereal at the same time. I took one to be a cloudscape and only in conversation with a young art student did we both tumble to the fact that it was a portrait of a girl.”

All of the images are suspended from the gallery ceiling, and require a minimum of 100 sq feet.
The work is technically easy to install,only requiring fishling line and hooks that screw into the ceiling. The work is also very easy and inexpensive to transport, as the thin light fabric folds into a very compact package (a small box), which would be simple to ship.
In light of the theme of the exhibition “In/Visible”, it seems appropriate that the artist (who resides in Canada) would not be physically present at the opening reception, but will be there “virtually” via Skype. This was done very successfully at the Wandesford Quay Gallery opening on August 24th, with the artist able to observe the opening, converse with the vistors, listen to the opening remarks and also give a short talk.
No artist fees or administration fees are required for this show, and the artist would be available to do artist talk via Skype.

The only cost associated with the exhibition (in addition to the minimal shipping cost) would be the cost of the open reception (rfreshments) and the cost of printing and distributing invitations. (Since invitations have already been designed for the Wandesford show, it would be possible to reuse the design)

The work is available from September 16th, 2012 until December 2013.

For more information, images and/or reviews, please contact the artist:

Eva McCauley

Canadian phone: 001-519-576-1056

In keeping with Visual Artists Ireland’s policy we require venues or events to pay artist’s fees for exhibitions.

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