15/10/2012 – A View From Inside

Artist(s) being exhibited: Alexa Wright

A brief summary of the theme: ‘A View From Inside’ draws on the principals of 18th century portrait painting to give form to some of the unique realities encountered by different people during psychosis. Visual, auditory and other sensory phenomena that occur during a psychotic episode contradict accepted notions of ‘reality’, and yet for one person they are absolutely real. In each photograph the external appearance and the internal experiences of the subject are depicted within a single, formally structured portrait using Photoshop. The aim is not to exoticise the ‘unreal’ or bizarre perceptual experiences of the people portrayed, but to use digital media both to explore this notion of ‘reality’, and to find a visual language that will provoke discussion and add to our understanding of the experience of mental illness, and of psychosis in particular.

Format of the exhibition: Ten digital C-Type prints, 76 x 100cm, mounted on aluminium and framed + limited edition artist’s book

Size of space required: minimum 25 m wall space

Are there technical specs available: N/a

Is there a catalogue available: Artists book that doubles as catalogue

Is there a worked out education / outreach programme: No, but event(s) can be arranged in collaboration with mental health charity, Rethink

Artists’ Fees required: negotiable

Administration Fees required: return shipping from London

Dates that it is available from: January, 2013


In keeping with Visual Artists Ireland’s policy we require venues or events to pay artist’s fees for exhibitions.

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