Ask! Has the Artist Been Paid?

ASKAs we are coming up to the time of year when organisations prepare for their funding applications, we are asking for you help to ensure that there is an increased awareness of the need to pay visual artists equitably.

Therefore we are asking for you to:

1. Our campaign Logo is still around and we would like you to use it to show your support for the campaign. If you have a website, any advertisements or press information or applications going out, then perhaps you can add it to the bottom with other logos.

2. We are in constant contact with spaces, venues, events etc raising awareness… but perhaps you can take time to contact your local venue(s) and ask the simple question – What is your policy surrounding the equitable payment of artists? Make them aware that you support our campaign.

3. Maybe print out the poster below, or draw on a piece of paper the ASK! Has the Artist Been Paid? question and take a photo of yourself (and your friends) and upload it to our Facebook event or to your home page.

4. When you are offered an opportunity or if you are answering a call then you should always ask that simple question – What is your policy surrounding the equitable payment of artists? Don’t be afraid, and also we ask that you consider that your single action positively effects literally every artist in the country!

5. Show your support by signing this “petition” which will be published and circulated showing support that all visual arts organisations must adopt this policy

There is so much support for this in the sector and amazing levels of change on an almost weekly basis. But there are a minority who are still resistant. Let us support and celebrate those who see this as a right and let us guide those who are still resistant into realising that artists have a fundamental right to be paid for work undertaken. Both the Arts Council of Ireland, and the Arts Council of Nothern Ireland are backing equitable payments. It is up to us to ensure that they continue to be clearly used as organisations, festivals, events, etc make their budgets for next year. We cannot take our eye off the ball on this one until we are guaranteed that all agree – Artists Must Be Paid Equitably.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? – Download the image for your FB/Twitter profile from

and we have a print copy that we have used to make a poster for your studio or venue

There is a limit on the number of people that we can invite now on Facebook… so please SHARE on your own profile …

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