2 Day Still Life with Flowers | Patrick Palmer

Patrick’s way of seeing flowers, animals, landscape and design interpreted through the brilliant use of light as it plays on surfaces and figures, petals and spacial areas will be shared with students who are interested in painting flowers in a setup. With light and colour defining the terms of the image before the viewer, the result will be a painting conceived through this vision creating a moment that a viewer can share with you, the Artist.

It is a magical experience to learn to see and create reality in this manner.

Cézanne laid the groundwork for a new way of looking at paintings. One that perceives their individual elements, colour, form and line. As meaningful in themselves, independent of their illustrative function. It became possible then, to paint an interpretation of Nature rather than a mimetic reproduction of it.

The Impressionists had translated visual impressions of their surroundings into colour, all pure painterly, with variations in tone to convey the overall image. No matter how the painting is conceived or evolved, no matter what the style of its surface narration, it is still the collection of the fundamental elements of design. For the viewer it evokes ideas or sensations which are a stimulating effect, created by the the juxtapositions of colour and line – leading to a a new and exciting experience of seeing objects in light, texture, and colour.

You, the Artist, is therefore communicating, and the viewer’s brain is creating and attaching new associations derived from their own experience to those our image inspires, thus the experience of an expanded moment!

Dates: Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 June 2019
Times: 10am – 4.30pm
Fee: €180
Location: Enniskerry Village, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow
Booking: Phone (01) 286 9594 or Website schoolhouseforart.com/…

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