20/09/2012 – On the threshold

The exhibition ‘On the Threshold’ is based around a series of miniature drawings of cityscapes. The cities are all based on locations of latitude and longitude, they consist of a series of miniatures of the capital cities of all the countries located on the Prime Meridian and also an accompanying series of miniature works of cities located on or near the Equator.

There are a number of accompanying small drawn works that relate to the miniatures. There are two small drawings of the Diomede Islands in the Bering Straight. These islands are located either side of the International Date line meaning that someone on one island looking through a pair of binoculars at a person on the other island would be seeing someone who is physically located in the day before, or the day after dependant on your location.

The body of work in total is about those proximities and ambiguities that arise in constructing our internal and external systems of meaning. There are also a series of small oil works on paper, which depict more politically charged spaces, an oil refinery in Iraq, a miniature nightscape of Tehran and the only colour work in the exhibition which is a miniature of the Kalishnikov factory in Russia. The largest work in the show is a charcoal/pastel drawing of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, the smallest work a depiction of the vehicles at a drive- in movie complex in the 1950’s entitled ‘a series of dislocations’. All of these works are depictions and reflections of the world we think we know and understand, they sequence how we construct our own personas through various screens and shifts of perspective within the wider context of a worldwide ‘hall of mirrors’, scenes and scenarios that hold lines of inquiry to examine who we are both from an external and internal perspective.
“.. the artist, engaged in the act of perpetual looking, can draw the audience in, as Leach does, magnifying those complex realities that remain unchallenged, highlighting unchartered thresholds between the established and the yet to be discovered.” Joanne Laws, Sept Oct VAI News Sheet


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