27/08/2012 – Plastic Art

Plastic Art
Magnhild Opdøl, Séamus McCormack, & Barbara Knezevic

Plastic Art sees the commissioning of new work by artists Barbara Knezevic, Magnhild Opdøl and Séamus McCormack. Curated by Dr. Hilary Murray, the exhibition explores the notion of the biological network in art through the manipulation of form, seriality and the interplay of physical change with recognition.

The synapse forms the primary interface for the most complex of systems—the brain. Loaded with membrane proteins that form dynamic channels, this interface is in constant motion: the primary function being the transfer of information. The plastic neuronal network has opened up endless possibilities for perception, learning and memory: a system that has been mimicked in the mechanical age in the shape of the computer. Along with the advancement in biological systems, parallel functions are being mooted in a host of differing applications, most recently in the arts. The biological cell and its endless capabilities continue to be referenced in contemporary art today, particularly post-minimalist sculpture.

September 21st–October 13th
At a certain juncture during Plastic Art certain work will be re-addressed in light of the current display and how it is received. This delicate adaptation of the work will be referred to as an ‘arbor’ or branching.


Gallery 1: (290M2)

8 x A1 drawings to be displayed directly opposite a wall of identically mounted foam taxidermy heads (8 in total)

Floor work: 4 sculptures

These works can be spread through a number of smaller rooms if a large enough space is not available.

Gallery 2 (50M2)

One video and sculptural work (Seamus McCormack) – ideally this should be in an adjoining room to the other works.

Catalogue available. Limited Edition print available.

We have used Plastic Art as an educational tool to demonstrate the synergy between art and science – see www.ruared.ie ‘Art Trolley’

Curatorial and artist fee required.

Dates available: October 15th onwards

Artists Fees required: In keeping with VAI policy, an artist’s fee is required

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