30/05/2013 – The Beauty of Ancient Ireland

Title of the Exhibition: “The Beauty of Ancient Ireland” (name is not official, flexible to change)

Artist being exhibited: Rebecca Deegan

Summary: The work is based on the ruins of old structures found in rural Ireland, such as castles, churches and abandoned houses. One of the main influences for the work is the ruins of a castle in Co. Laois, the Rock of Dunamaise. The decaying process of this ancient structure, along with the the fairy-tale like atmosphere of the location forms the influence for my work.

Format of the exhibition: Mainly 2D pieces and a few small free standing sculptural pieces.

Size of space required: Minimum 6′ x 6′

Is there a catalogue available: A catalogue can be printed in time for the show.

Artists’ Fees required: Any funding would be helpful to cover printing costs, gallery fees etc.

Dates that it is available from: Immediately.

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