Organisations classed as providers of relevant services under the Children First Act 2015 are required to have Child Safeguarding Statements. This means you must have a Child Safeguarding Statement if:

  • The organisation is within the categories of organisations classified as relevant services under the Act.
  • The organisation is deemed to be a provider of a relevant service. To qualify as a provider of a relevant service under the Act, the service provider must employ at least one other person, whether through contract, voluntary arrangement, to undertake any work or activity on their behalf to provide that service.

As VAI does not target Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults, we are not deemed to be a relevant service. However, as VAI holds the Children First Act 2015 to be an important document for all organisations to consider, it has prepared the following policy statement.


Children and Young People: Anyone under the age of 18 years 

Vulnerable Adult: Anyone over the age of 18 who is 

  • In need of community care services
  • Unable to care for themselves
  • Unable to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation


VAI will actively monitor all service provision and will identify if a service steps outside of our policy of not targeting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults, and before undertaking any further action on that service will:

    • Consider if it is appropriate for VAI to undertake the service and how relevant it is to our mandate to represent and support the needs of individual artists. If it is considered that the service will add to our mission, VAI will:
      1. Identify suitably qualified contractors to deliver the service, and ensure that they fully comply with the Child Protection Policies of the commissioning body;
      2. and/or Appropriate training will be provided to employees who will potentially come into contact with children, young people and vulnerable adults. The level of training required will be identified in accordance with the responsibilities of the post.

If working off-site, and put into a situation whereby they may have contact with children, young people or vulnerable adults, VAI staff will ensure that they are accompanied at all times by a person either designated to work with children, young people or vulnerable adults, or at the minimum a person of authority representing the organisation.

VAI takes no responsibility for members or any artist or individual who are not working in an official capacity on behalf of the organisation. However, VAI recognises that its members and other visual artists require guidance and information in the area of Child Protection, and will run regular information/training sessions so that artists are fully aware of their responsibilities should they choose to undertake work in this area.

Adopted: Wednesday, 5th May 2021

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