Good Fundraising Practice

The introduction of standards by the charities’ fundraising sector is an important act in its own right and provides an opportunity to build capacity within individual charities and in the wider charities’ fundraising sector. These principles and guidance are intended to be of practical use when organising fundraising. The Statement offers donors and potential donors clarity on what they may expect from the charity, its representatives (whether voluntaryor paid) and its management.

These are general principles and given that each organisational context is different, those responsible in the organisation will be required to use their judgement and to consider how these principles are best applied within their organisation. Depending on the organisation not all the commitments may be relevant but where they are relevant they should be applied as is  practicable.

Visual Artists Ireland commits to complying to the highest standard of funding raising by:

  • Maintaining good fundraising practice
  • Providing high levels of accountability and transparency to our donors and prospective donors from the public
  • Providing clarity and assurances to you about how we spend your money
  • Is undertaking work to create a donor charter
  • Visual Artists Ireland reports on fundraising activities on an annual basis in our audited accounts.

The Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising is a guide to best practice developed by a steering group set up in response to the Charities Act 2009.

Adopted: January 2018
Re-Adopted: May 2020

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