Support our journey and make an impact in communities across Ireland

VAI’s journey is about making an impact within the visual arts community and on half of visual artists in the wider world. If you have ever experienced isolation, loneliness, felt that you were somehow outside of what everyone else seemed to be doing, or simply at a loss of where to go to find support and information to help you in the development of your career, then you have experienced some of the key areas that we work in.

We say it clearly in our mission statement: Our Mission is to create a trusted space where visual artists are valued and have access to supports and knowledge that supports and allows them to develop at all stages of their professional career. What you may call social capital, we call daily life…  working with artists to enable them to have access to supports when they need them most; upskilling them so that they can develop in their careers, and providing them with the information and knowledge that they need to fully participate in their local and national communities.

 There are many ways that you can join us on this journey…

Capacity Building Support

Connect communities, organisations, and individuals through formal and informal networks, improve information sharing, set performance standards, or enable local and national groups

Broker new relationships and joint ventures between organisations and local communities

Organisational development
Provide support to enhance our performance

Exchanges and Visits
Sponsor national and international exchanges to promote learning and understanding of different cultural contexts

Design and deliver events that support transfer of critical skills

Coaching and Mentoring
Skills and knowledge transfer based on your experience

Direct Management Assistance
Your company staff provide direct technical/skills assistance

Local Start Ups
Create new local groups, co-ops, organisations, peer groups, etc

Development of Local Service Providers
Strengthen the quantity and quality of local service and support providers

Social Marketing
Develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to social change

General Grants
Provide small grants to help artists most in need, or to get projects off the ground.

General Operating Grants
Provide small grants to support core staff

Physical Space
Work with VAI in the design and/or delivery of new physical facilities for artists.

Financial Support

Associate Member
For those on the journey to Professional Membership or those who wish to engage with our programmes.

For those who have a deep interest in the visual arts and the professional lives of artists.

For Organisations looking to support the work that we undertake.

Details of these forms of membership and their benefits are available on our Membership Entitlements Page

Provide 75 visual artists with access to a day’s training directed at improving their careers.

Sponsorships range between 1,200 and 2,500 Euro

Provide 150+ visual artists with access to three day’s training PLUS a networking event

Sponsorships range between 5,000 and 10,000 Euro

Provide 250+ visual artists with access to Ireland’s national event for visual artists with host branding on event.

Sponsorships range between 25,000 and 35,000 Euro

Provide access for 2,500 artists to VAI services & discounted events for a year / endow a new level of delivery capacity (a Multi-Annual Commitment is required for this level) This opportunity also brings the opportunity to guide our future design and delivery capacity of supports for visual artists.

Sponsorship start at 250,000 Euro

These opportunities are bespoke. Contact us for a preliminary discussion and to explore your ideas.

A gift in your will can be of great benefit to future generations of artists. The following texts may be used:

“I give to Visual Artists Ireland (Company number 126424, CHY 9629) all (or a fraction) of the residue of my estate whatsoever and wheresoever, and I direct that the receipt of the CEO or other officer for the time being of the said Organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge of the same.” 

For a gift of a fixed sum or specific item: 

“I give the sum of €_______ or I bequeath (the item specified) to Visual Artists Ireland (Company number 126424, CHY 9629) and I direct that the receipt of the CEO or other proper officer for the time being of the said Organisation shall be proper and sufficient discharge for the same.” 

Contact us, as above, if you wish to discuss setting up a trust for the benefit of Visual Artists Ireland or visual artists.

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