We dare to dream of a world full of opportunities for professional visual artists. This is our mission and it takes a very special person to join us on our journey. Our work is detailed, focused, single minded, and egalitarian as we bring our supports to individual artists, arts organisations, local and national government, as well as to the EU.

Vacancies are advertised through the Visual Artists News Sheet and our eBulletin service, as well as through our website and social media.

Work Experience / Job Placement Positions

VAI is very supportive of providing graduates entering the arts sector with the opportunity to experience how we work. However, due to the confidentiality of our work and also the large number of applications that we receive, we strongly suggest that applicants give clear consideration as to why they wish to have a placement in Visual Artists Ireland. We are not always in a position to provide these placements as from an organisational point of view, we believe that candidates should be provided with a positive and beneficial experience mentored by one or more of our staff members.  This is in keeping with our Internship Policies concerning best practice.  Therefore, applications are carefully screened.  If an application shows that it is just one of many that are sent out and has no clear reference to a specific area of work within VAI and doesn’t show a clear understanding of VAI, VAI’s work, and what they wish to get out of working in VAI, then they are simply discounted.

All applications should be made in writing to Bernadette Beecher, Office Manager, Visual Artists Ireland, The Masonry, 151-156 Thomas Street, Usher’s Island, Dublin, D08 PY5E.

No email applications will be accepted or responded to unless indicated in an advertised position.

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