‘Aftershock’ Workshop Series with Mhairi Sutherland, Void, Derry

and-my-cameraSaturday 12/ 19/ 26 November, 1.30 to 4.30pm | Fee: £60 / £45 concession
Void Patrick Street, Derry

‘Aftershock’ Workshop series with artist Mhairi Sutherland as part of Void Engage programme for Andres Serrano ‘Torture’

This is a dynamic and intensive short programme of visual arts – making and stimulating conversation around the challenging and adult themes of the Serrano exhibition. Perfect for people who enjoy visiting galleries of a Saturday afternoon, students and others with an interest in the history of art and contemporary artists, and for those who want to explore the exhibition themes on a deeper level.
The group will work individually, drawing from the nude model using a range of media, such as charcoal, Indian ink and colour. A movement session will explore issues of trust, defence, interaction and conveying emotion through bodily movement and gesture. The drawings and other studies will be used as the basis for a completed work in the third session. Using the Torture exhibition by Andres Serrano as a thematic starting point, the workshop will discuss contemporary and art historical examples of artwork as ‘shocking’, through examples and discussion. Suitable for both less and more experienced, the workshops will combine a series of dynamic art activities within a relaxed, social atmosphere, including discussion, coffee and an exhibition tour.

E: hello@derryvoid.com, T: 028 7130 8080


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