ONE DAY LEFT | All Ireland Workspace Survey 2016 | For Individual Artists, Artists Groups, and Arts Organisations

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Since our foundation, Visual Artists Ireland has provided support to artists and to workspaces both practically and in our advocacy work. Over this period we have seen many changes and a wide range of challenges. We have seen different solutions provided… some of which continue and some which have fallen by the wayside as other ways of thinking have come to the fore.

The current acknowledged difficulties of finding suitable buildings or spaces is no longer new news. For the past year, we have been looking both at home and abroad to see what things are working and how we can learn from them so that we can provide concrete suggestions and assistance. What is missing is clear quantifiable evidence of both the supply and the demand… and the precise needs of both across Ireland.

The next step in this is to ask artists, artist groups, and organisations to assist us in putting together a clear view of what is currently available and what are the real needs out there – both for artists and for organisations/groups.

To do this we have put together two surveys. In these surveys we ask the key questions that will provide us with a wider understanding of the entire country and also local areas. The findings of this survey will be combined with our other research so that we can provide a formal report that can be used by all to clearly identify what we are talking about…

For Artists –
For Workspaces/Artists Groups
Deadline to complete is 12th May 2016

At the 2016 Get Together we will have a specific forum to discuss our own findings and also to invite decision makers to come and see various models that can be developed around the country.

As always, if you are having a local discussion about this subject, then please let us know, and if we can’t make it to the actual meeting then please let us know the outcomes.

All of the information that you provide will be used only for this report and will be fully anonymised when published.

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