Art and tech workshop: Hack your Handbag, Hack your Hat at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery

Saturday 18 February, 3pm
Cost: €5
Duration: 45 mins
Booking required : To reserve a place please email

Hack your Handbag, Hack your Hat: a fashion-forward workshop for paranoid conspiracy theorists. Are you worried about how your smartphone data is monitored and recorded? Do you get the sneaky feeling someone is watching you? Ever get a buzzing feeling in your brain when you suspect a satellite is passing over your home? This workshop validates your paranoia and presents methods for taking action about your deep-rooted concerns regarding government surveillance, corporate tracking and other state-sponsored violations of your privacy and freedom.

Don’t get caught wearing an outdated tin-foil hat, bring your own stylish beanie or fedora and build a Faraday Cage inside it (tin-foil hats actually amplify potential mind-hacking signals). Use radio frequency shielding material to build a barrier inside your handbag, wallet or pocket to prevent hacking of your devices, credit cards or whatever you need to hide from whoever is out to get you.

This event is presented by Aideen Quirke, the curator of MEANWHILE, and discusses some of the themes of the exhibition along with practical and impractical approaches to dealing with internet-induced anxiety.

Booking is essential for this workshop due to a limitation on space and materials and also to ensure the non-attendance of government spies. Materials are provided however you are welcome to bring a small item to hack, such as a hat, wallet, handbag, clothing etc.

Book here:

CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery
Wandesford Quay, Clarke’s Bridge, Cork
T: +353 21 4335210

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