Arts Council NI’s report highlights implications for NI arts sector following UK withdrawal from EU

From the Arts Council NI:

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland published a report setting out the key changes in legislation affecting creative workers and arts organisations travelling or trading with EU counterparts.

‘EU Withdrawal: Key Changes and Implications for Northern Ireland-based Arts Organisations’ considers the impact of new rules and the steps that are currently being taken at a local and national level to support the continued mobility of artists internationally.

On 31 December 2020, freedom of movement between the United Kingdom and the European Union ended with Brexit. The implications for the arts sector in Northern Ireland are complex, multi-dimensional, and evolving. This new report by the Arts Council outlines the legislative requirements regarding:

• Visas and working in the EU for NI creatives

• EU creatives travelling to the UK

• EU creatives working in the UK

• Movement of goods (Carnets and Cabotage)

• Social Security protocols.

Key issues for the arts are identified and include:

• loss of major sources of funding and income

• additional costs of taking work to the EU

• fewer performing opportunities for emerging and existing artists

• loss of trans-national partnerships

• shortening of tours

• difficulties sourcing materials

• Northern Ireland becoming attractive to visiting artists.

The Arts Council report details support and information that is available to the arts sector, to help artists and organisations navigate the continuing uncertainty that surrounds the international mobility of artists. One of those key resources is:

• Arts Infopoint UK, established by the four national arts development agencies, including the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, works with EU partners to provide UK artists with practical advice on such issues as visas, work permits and residencies. It hosts country-specific webinars, signposts resources and researches the challenges to artist mobility (

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland will continue to work closely with national and international partners to promote and support international creative exchange and dialogue.

Click here to view EU Withdrawal: Key Changes and Implications for Northern Ireland-based Arts Organisations.


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