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    Advocacy Datasheet

    Alf Desire, VAI Services

    Alf Desire, VAI Services

    Alf Desire works in the area of VAI Services, which has responsibility for the design and delivery of events that ...
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    Advocacy Datasheet: Media Coverage of the Visual Arts

    Advocacy Datasheet #8: Media Coverage of the Visual Arts

    CONTEXT In Ireland we frequently bemoan the lack of critical forums available for seriously discussing and appraising both the range ...
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    Advocacy Datasheet: Visual Artists’ Payments

    Advocacy Datasheet #7: Topic: Visual Artists’ Payments

    At the end of 2012, Visual Artists Ireland undertook a survey of visual artists who are actively exhibiting and supporting ...
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    Advocacy Datasheet: Ireland: international engagement

    Advocacy Datasheet #6: Ireland: international engagement

    We must recognise that artistic life is no longer limited by geographic boundaries. International travel and engagement is vital to ...
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    Advocacy Datasheet: The Artists’ Charter

    Advocacy Datasheet #5: The Artists’ Charter

    The Visual Artists Charter project was initiated by VAI to address the professional relationship between artists and those that they ...
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    Advocacy Datasheet: Work Life

    Advocacy Datasheet #4: Work Life

    Individual visual artists’ incomes are amongst the lowest of any sector in Ireland. Based on the survey, with 305 responses ...
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    Advocacy Datasheet: Further Education

    Advocacy Datasheet #3: Further Education

    Due to the severity of cuts in education, the area of professional development has been reduced and now relies on ...
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    Advocacy Datasheet: Education

    Advocacy Datasheet #2: Education

    Taking the position that arts education must begin at the youngest age possible, we draw upon the US Dept of ...
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    Advocacy Datasheet: The Status of the Artist in Ireland

    Advocacy Datasheet #1: The Status of the Artist in Ireland

    The datasheets are not supposed to be fully complete.  Instead we ask that you use them to start or inform ...
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