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    24/07/2013 - “Yeats in Love”

    24/07/2013 – “Yeats in Love”

    This is an exhibition of images depicting the tortured love life of Nobel Laureate WB Yeats.This is a very popular ...
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    16/07/2013 - 'Parenthesis'

    16/07/2013 – ‘Parenthesis’

    “Darkly ridiculous, necessarily villainous at times, compulsive, inventive, littered with improvised philosophy… And a weeny bit of truth…” Introducing new ...
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    30/05/2013 - The Beauty of Ancient Ireland

    30/05/2013 – The Beauty of Ancient Ireland

    Title of the Exhibition: "The Beauty of Ancient Ireland" (name is not official, flexible to change) Artist being exhibited: Rebecca ...
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    28/01/2013 - “I Love Petrol”

    28/01/2013 – “I Love Petrol”

    A brief summary of the theme (keep it to a few lines) - “I Love Petrol” is my last project ...
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    29/01/2013 - Stillness In The Periphery

    29/01/2013 – Stillness In The Periphery

    Title of exhibition Stillness In The Periphery Artist Susan Buttner Summary Still In The Periphery is an exhibition of paintings ...
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    04/01/2013 - A Longing

    04/01/2013 – A Longing

    The title of this Solo exhibition is A Longing and the artist is Carol O' Connor. This show is the ...
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    11/12/2012 - The Death and Life of The Shankill

    11/12/2012 – The Death and Life of The Shankill

    "The Death and Life of The Shankill" 1981-2011 A collection of over 40 paintings chronicling the redevelopment and changing face ...
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    27/11/2012 - "What if"

    27/11/2012 – “What if”

    This exhibition consists of a number of oil paintings first shown as a solo exhibition at the Ranalagh Arts Centre ...
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    30/10/2012 - Archipelago

    30/10/2012 – Archipelago

    This is a solo exhibition of paintings, painting installations and digital media artworks by Shane Finan. The artworks were completed ...
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