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    Touring Exhibitions – Fully Funded

    29/01/2013 - Stillness In The Periphery

    29/01/2013 – Stillness In The Periphery

    Title of exhibition Stillness In The Periphery Artist Susan Buttner Summary Still In The Periphery is an exhibition of paintings ...
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    03/10/2012 - The Celtic Zoo

    03/10/2012 – The Celtic Zoo

    Title of Show: The Celtic Zoo Description: This one-man show consists of twenty four mixed media drawings on paper. The ...
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    28/09/2012 - Semblance

    28/09/2012 – Semblance

    Semblance" is an exhibition of painting, textile and soft sculpture that explores notions of security in a man-made era; rich ...
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    06/09/2012 - The Good Room

    06/09/2012 – The Good Room

    Title: The Good Room Artist: Kate Murphy Theme: This body of work explores the dual nature of The Home as ...
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    05/09/2012 - Citizen Artist

    05/09/2012 – Citizen Artist

    The Citizen Artist project is an online platform that presents PDF publications of artistic interventions and investigative art projects relating ...
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    04/09/2012 - Dans Maen

    04/09/2012 – Dans Maen

    Dans Maen The geomancers of old were Earth magicians who understood the mysterious currents running under the soil and were ...
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    30/08/2012 - LOST SAILORS

    30/08/2012 – LOST SAILORS

    Artist: Agnes Conway Project Description: 'Lost Sailors' is a story told through sculpture, poetry and text. The exhibition consists of ...
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    28/08/2012 - Trueprod2k11

    28/08/2012 – Trueprod2k11

    The threads of comments below You Tube videos are infamous for being violent, unrelated and ridiculous. ‘Trueprod2k11’ is an experimental ...
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    20/08/2012 - Ultra Vires

    20/08/2012 – Ultra Vires

    Joe Ryan employs the Latin term ‘Ultra Vires’ as meaning ‘beyond the powers’ of an authority as the premise for ...
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