Ceramics Residency Programme 2017 Limerick School of Art and Design

Deadline: 31 May 2017

The benefits of exposure to professional practitioners has long been recognised by the LSAD Ceramics programme.
Artists begin their residency in mid-September. Over the course of their residency, participants make a number of presentations on their practice and give a demonstration of skills that are specific to their making processes. The residency culminates in an exhibition of work completed during the participant’s time within the ceramics programme. This is accompanied by an exhibition of process, demonstrating both the creative process and the technical development of the work.
We welcome applicants from the breadth of ceramic practice, selecting two annually to work within the ceramics facilities for six months. The residency benefits both practitioner and students through an exchange of experience, skills, materials and facilities and affords students a valuable opportunity to work alongside and engage with professionals in practice.
To date we have had four residents, Gemma Dardis and Maeve Haugh in 2015 and Kate O’Kelly and Mary Conroy in 2016.

LIT/LSAD Ceramics Programme

The ceramics programme at LSAD is the largest of its kind in Ireland, with a dedicated staff representing the multiplicity of contemporary ceramic practice. Their combined skills cover the field of ceramics, education, professional practice and critical and contextual studies. The light filled ceramics facility is situated over 2 floors of the LSAD campus and is superbly equipped, allowing the programme to cover a diverse range of art, design and craft practice, and for students to develop a complex range of skills. Facilities include individual workspaces alongside large communal studios and workshops. The fully equipped workshops allow for a broad range of making processes including model and mould making, slip casting, throwing, hand-building, glazing, firing and decal printing. We also provide 3D design software.

What we offer Residents:
• Designated space to work in.
• Full use of all communal ceramics workspaces.
• Access to appropriate college equipment and facilities in line with postgraduate student access.
• A reasonable quantity of materials as costed during the application process.
• Opportunities for peer discussion where desired with Programme staff.
• Where possible ceramics staff will negotiate access to other courses/technical areas of interest to the Resident in advance of commencement, or to areas of interest that emerge over the course of the Residency.
• Access to a well-equipped library on campus.
• An induction to the Clare Street Campus and the ceramics facilities for those who have not previously received same for Clare Street Campus and the ceramics course.
• Health and Safety induction specific to machinery/equipment being used.
• Insurance cover for the participant in keeping with current student cover.
• Provide an exhibition opportunity within LIT on completion of the residency.

Will provide the following during the residency period:
• A presentation at the outset of the residency for staff and students of the ceramics programme introducing themselves as a maker and outlining the areas to be explored during the residency.
• A presentation on their professional practice.
• Arrange one practical demonstration of special techniques/use of materials and processes as applied in their work to assist student understanding of their practice.
• Make a presentation at the mid-point of their residency showing the developments in their work over the course of the residency to that point.
• Maintain regular presence in the studios.
• On completion of the residency, exhibit work/work in progress accompanied by evidence of their working process within the Clare Street Campus.
• On completion make a final presentation reflecting on the residency experience.
• On completion of the residency, provide feedback that will inform ongoing development of the experience.

Please direct general enquiries to Fiona Bourke at: fiona.bourke@lit.ie.

Applications for September 2017 must be forwarded to the following e-mail: fiona.bourke@lit.ie
Please direct general enquiries to Fiona Bourke at: fiona.bourke@lit.ie / Owen Quinlan at: owen.quinlan@lit.ie

For more information please visit: www.facebook.com/CeramicsLSAD/

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