Creativity and Change Workshops, CIT Crawford College of Art and Design

CIT CCAD’s Creativity & Change programme is about creativity and its power to ignite empathy, passion and learning about our interconnected and interdependent world. It is about imagining more humane, just and viable ways to live in the world.

  • Art/Transformation/Citizenship

Sheelagh Broderick with input from Declan MacGonagle
3 March

A day of inputs, explorations and conversations about the potential of the artist as a citizen contributing to change in the world.
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Sheelagh Broderick will lead this day of interaction exploring the practice of a range of socially engaged artists who are making a significant contribution to thinking critically about deep questions that challenge our world. She will introduce work of contemporary artists such as Tania Bruguera and Jonas Staal whose work is concerned with themes of power, control, propaganda and citizenship.

Declan McGonagle will input the day with reflections on the artist citizen and the potential of arts to nurture empathy.

  • ​Connect/Imagine/Create

Susanne Bosch
4 and 5 March

Connecting to imagine and create a better future for our world through meaningful dialogue: Who, what and how? A two day Toolbox.
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How does change and transformation come about? This workshop explores the HOW of how moments and spaces of change need to be set up. We will use the 2 days to experience formats of meaningful social encounters on eye level. We will look at tools and methods that allow for decision-making, generating input or finding common ground on a broad basis. But also looking at the I within the WE, the WE within the I. Based on techniques of art as well as “Art of Hosting”, dialogue circles and social presencing theatre/ Arawana Hayashi, we will make practical experiences with some of these approaches and the techniques.

With various artistic experiments and formats we will explore the nature of our interdependence and what every individual brings to the table. These 2 toolbox days offers an experimental format of approaching a human, societal or globally urgent topic. The days offer open space between workshop, practice, constructive dispute, action and re-action.

Creativity and Change
​Department of Art in Health and Community Practices​

CIT Crawford College of Art and Design
The Lough, Cork

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