Dear VAI,

I am writing on behalf of theprintspace, (www.theprintspace.com <http://www.theprintspace.com> ) a creative printing studio in London, following a recommendation from a client of ours. We are an innovative company – the first digital printing lab in Europe that allows clients to work on a ‘DIY’ basis, working on the basis that we give the artist complete control over the editing and printing of their work.

After sending out a newsletter to our clients about this new venture, and asking for contributions, one client wrote back saying how incredibly useful the VAI had been to her in Ireland, but that she had found no equivalent here in London. She was particularly admiring of your regular newsletters, and in light of this I am writing to ask whether it would be possible for you to send me a sample. I hope you agree that we are in no way attempting to encroach upon what you do. Although associated with theprintspace, the Metavisual blog will not be a commercial blog, or corporate mouthpiece; we simply want to provide an invaluable forum for information and discussion to be used by London photographers.


Catriona Wright
Marketing Assistant

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