ADJUSTING | International Postal Art Exhibition at The Courthouse, Kinvara


Date(s) - 25/09/2020 - 04/10/2020
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Courthouse





Adjusting Postal Art Show Delivers the World To Kinvara

What would happen if you called for artists from around the globe to make a work about creativity and environmental crisis? What if there were no jury, no entry fees, no sales and no returns? And what if the only rule was that the artwork had to be the size of a postcard and mailed to Kinvara?

Over 150 results from more than 25 countries will be on display in Adjusting at The Courthouse Gallery in Kinvara from September 25th through October 4th. They include a remarkable range of art, from stone sculpture, wood carvings, handmade books, stamps, and fine art prints, to paintings, drawings, photography and collages. And nearly all of it no larger than an A5 postcard.

Visitors will be encouraged to – while wearing disposable gloves provided by the gallery – handle the artworks and experience them as if they arrived in their own post.

The exhibition is the first in a series of events by Not Over Yet, a group of artists founded in 2019 and based in Kinvara, but with members throughout Clare, Galway and Tasmania.

“Initially we wanted to address the role of creativity and of artists being able to make meaningful contributions to how we all survive” says Not Over Yet’s Darryl Vance, “and decided it needed to be more than just another art show.” The group members developed workshops, performances, public rituals, and media, as well as exhibitions, on environmental issues. But there was something more. Vance explains “We saw in ourselves anxiety and fatigue, depression and paralysis, and thought we should talk about that, as well.”

“I decided on an international postal art exhibition, since I had participated in a few back in the 1970s, and thought it would be a way we could engage more of the world in what we were doing.” The show was announced in January of this year, and Vance deliberately kept the call for entries vague as a way of getting more varied responses. “I knew if we made it just about the environment we’d get the usual assortment of sad dolphins and rainbows, and we’ve all had quite enough of that” he says.

And then Covid-19 happened.

“We’ve all had to make our own, new adjustments, and this exhibition is no different”, Vance says. “Much of the art reflects the shift from having the environmental crisis being an approaching phenomenon to the much more instant threat of Coronavirus. And artists being artists, as well as fellow human beings, sometimes the ‘message’ isn’t easily decipherable, so you have to make your own interpretations.”

When the exhibition is over, all of the entries and associated content will be archived and made available free of charge to schools, libraries and community organizations for further exhibition, inspiration, and as an historical record of what artists were thinking about in the transformative year of 2020. There will also be a free exhibition catalogue available as a download to gallery visitors.

The Courthouse is located in Kinvara, County Galway. Opening hours are 11AM until 5PM daily.

Please note that during this exhibition strict Covid-19 procedures will be enforced. Gallery access will be limited to six people at a time and masks must be worn. Disposable gloves, provided by the gallery, must be worn when touching the artwork.


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