Aftereffects and Untold Histories, Politics and Spaces of Performance since the 1990s


Aftereffects and Untold Histories, Politics and Spaces of Performance since the 1990s Date/Time
Date(s) - 15/04/2021 - 15/05/2021





Aftereffects and Untold Histories, Politics and Spaces of Performance since the 1990s is a research project and five-week online events programme running from 15th April to 15th May 2021, commissioned by the National College of Art and Design (NCAD).

The Aftereffects and Untold Histories programme of discussions, conversations and performances will examine the intersections of politics and performance in Europe in the 1990s as well as their legacies today.

The Good Friday Agreement, the end of communist rule in Eastern Europe, civil war in Yugoslavia, and the rise of populist nationalism as well as campaigns for gender rights and AIDs activism shaped a turbulent period, and often formed the context for critical and creative performance practices. New affinities between artists formed across the entire continent, and new artist-led spaces and institutions were launched too.

Yet this is not a fixed or even well-understood history, and so the Aftereffects and Untold Histories programme will gather new knowledge and reflections on performance. As part of this project, NCAD has commissioned a series of in-depth interviews with practitioners from Ireland including Brian Hand, Pauline Cummins and Sandra Johnston. Aftereffects and Untold Histories will also bring together scholars from across Europe as well as performance artists from different generations. All participants – including the public – will be invited to share their experiences and perspectives.

Programme events are live, free and open for all to attend. Please note that limited attendance is in place for some events. All will take place online via Zoom or YouTube and can be booked by clicking the links in the programme schedule below. Recordings of many of the talks and performances will also be available online after the programme finishes.

The Aftereffects and Untold Histories programme is a partnership between NCAD, the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) and the National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL)Aftereffects and Untold Histories is part of NCAD’s contribution to the EU funded L’Internationale project Our Many Europes. L’Internationale is a network of major museums and education partners. It represents a new internationalist model and defends a concept of common heritage that is based on interconnected archives and collections. Ultimately, L’Internationale challenges the way globalising art institutions replicate the structures of multinational powers and the streamlined, centralised distribution of knowledge.

Contributors and speakers in Aftereffects and Untold Histories include artists, curators, writers and academics from Ireland and abroad:

Kate Antosik-Parsons, Kevin Atherton, Judit Bodor, Cecily Brennan (Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment), Brian Connolly, David Crowley (NCAD), Isadora Epstein, Jennifer Fitzgibbon (NIVAL), Annie Fletcher (IMMA), Maria Fusco, Sarah Glennie (NCAD), Sara Greavu, Brian Hand, Léann Herlihy, Leah Hilliard, Saskia Holmkvist, Vida Knežević, Joanna Krakowska, Mari Laanemets, Nita Luci, Johanne Mullan (IMMA), Sara Muthi, Maïa Nunes, Lívia Páldi, Sarah Pierce, Bojana Piškur, Donna Romano (NIVAL), Kateřina Štroblová, Niall Sweeney and Hannah Tiernan.

The Aftereffects and Untold Histories, Politics and Spaces of Performance since the 1990s online programme is curated by Alissa Kleist and Ciara Moloney

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