As I Cannot Write | Cathy Scullion at Vault Artist Studios


As I Cannot Write | Cathy Scullion at Vault Artist Studios Date/Time
Date(s) - 05/08/2021 - 13/08/2021
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Vault Artist Studios





‘As I Cannot Write’ is a solo exhibition of new, on-going work by visual artist Cathy Scullion.
Cathy Scullion is a visual artist and curator based in Belfast. She takes a multi-disciplinary, conceptual approach to her work, which is expressed through a variety of traditional and non-traditional techniques, installation and video. With a focus on experimentation, she explores ways in which material and process can be used to express personal and collective experiences and emotions.

The title of this exhibition is taken from a sampler created in the 1800’s by Elizabeth Parker. Parker found, within the process of needlework, a safe space to recount traumatic experiences. Experiences that due to her social status and gender as a young working-class girl, she felt unable to express through voice or pen.

Through this body of work, Scullion responds to stories from other female artists, stories of times when they felt silenced or unable to speak. Her response to these stories explores ideas of embodiment theory through the act of knitting. By focusing on the ‘ritualised’ processes involved in making, she examines the use of gesture, material and movements to investigate how this act can provide a safe space for the sharing, recounting and transforming of experience.

Thinking of “ritual as a “window” on the cultural dynamics by which people make and remake their worlds”, Catherine Bell, Ritual Theory Ritual Practice, and the words of Pierre Bourdieu “…one forgets that authority comes to language from outside.” Scullion looks at ideas of the needles as the pen in an attempt to reclaim the narrative and regain agency of voice.

Opening event on Thursday 5th August from 5pm to 8pm then viewing by appointment 10am-4pm daily until Friday 13th August.
To arrange a viewing contact Cathy through insta @cscullionart or by email:


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