at an uncertain place, at an uncertain time | Group Exhibition at QSS Studios & Gallery, Belfast


Date(s) - 01/10/2020 - 29/10/2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

QSS Gallery & Studios





QSS Gallery & Studios is delighted to present a three-person exhibition with Jonathan Brennan, Charys Wilson and Chris Wilson. All three artists are concerned with the passing of time in different ways and use drawing, photographic and print techniques to explore this theme. Their work is primarily monochrome in palette; invoking a binary, elegant simplicity.

Jonathan Brennan’s imagery was inspired by a series of found negatives of people, landscapes and animals from the early part of the last century developed in a pharmacy in Larne; and drawings of fossils discovered in the same area in the collection of the Ulster Museum. Both sources have acquired a strangeness with the passing of the years. Yet the timespan separating these people’s lives and our own is infinitesimal in the context of a 200 million-year-old fossil; rendering our day to day concerns petty. From this vantage point the intimacy of the images places ‘the small and the infinite hand in hand’, regardless of time and place.

Charys Wilson’s work highlights the uncertainty of climate change at a time when our very relationship with nature appears to be unravelling. Her works entitled ‘Still Life’ consist of several large-scale drawings of dead insects, dramatically lit to create a sense of empathy, drama and appreciation. Areas of detail stand in contrast with areas of quiet space, where fragility and absence coexist. The drawings are shown alongside a large-scale installation which encourages viewers to reflect on the current climate crisis; the full picture only being visible upon closer inspection.

Chris Wilson has long used mapping strategies to express ideas about contemporary landscape, patterns of boundaries and ownership. Here, his work depicts a dynamic landscape, where the fixed, solid impression of topography and material are rendered active and changing over time. From a distance, the surfaces “pulse” and suggest an almost three-dimensional aspect of topography and yet, up close, each hand drawn line is visible as a thin, fragile and slightly erratic direction. This approach pays homage to the Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli who expressed how the material world is constantly moving at a quantum level.

General opening hours: Tuesday through to Thursday, 10:00-17:00

Exhibition preview: Thursday 1 October, 18:00-20:00
To attend the preview visit:

Further visitor information can be found on the QSS website:


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