Behind the eye is the promise of rain | Helen Cammock, Void Offsites Billboard Project


Behind the eye is the promise of rain | Helen Cammock, Void Offsites Billboard Project Date/Time
Date(s) - 22/09/2021 - 06/10/2021

Void Gallery





Void is delighted to present Behind the eye is the promise of rain by Helen Cammock – the final in the series of Void’s Billboard Projects. Integral to Cammock’s practice is the use of text as a means of communicating and responding to the current crisis and what has been unfolding socially and politically across the world this year;  the global pandemic, the climate emergency, the Black lives Matters protests in response to the death of George Floyd and Brexit which has been a divisive shift across communities and has caused questions around the Northern Ireland Peace agreement (1998).

Behind the eye is the promise of rain, is about acknowledging where we are and the sadness and grief that hovers in the background. Within the words there is also a possibility of new growth, of movement. Out of oppression comes protest and an emergence of a desire to create something different within a community. Within the collective, there is a shared experience, shared knowledge of understanding that can bring forth new beginnings, hope and nurture. With rain comes new growth, a replenishment as such in ways that with tears comes strength. With this billboard Cammock alludes to a promise of a new future and new beginnings. Despite our current crisis we are resilient and remain hopeful that the promise of rain will transform our future.

The billboard will be placed on the corner of Abercorn Road and Bishop Street in Derry.


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