Body Talk / Skin Tags | Austin Hearne and Ella Bertilsson at Black Church Print Studio, Dublin


Body Talk / Skin Tags | Austin Hearne and Ella Bertilsson at Black Church Print Studio, Dublin Date/Time
Date(s) - 01/04/2019 - 13/05/2019

Black Church Street Cabinet





BODY TALK/SKIN TAGS is a collaborative project about aging, mortality, sex, awkwardness and body image by artists Austin Hearne and Ella Bertilsson.

The decision to come together and collaborate came from discussions the artists had around issues of the human body and indeed their own bodies. They explored these personal concerns directly by photographing and audio-recording themselves in conversation naked. The resulting photographic collage is on show in the Black Church Street Cabinet from 1st of April – 13th of May 2019.

What follows are some of the words and phrases that came up during this dialogue. This is an ongoing project with more to follow.

My shower has been broken. STOP !!!! I don’t want to know!!!!

In conversation. My repression. Lets do this! Is the door locked? OMG. Lets go! Naked. Right now. Lets come together. Nerves. Not so comfortable. Vulnerable. Weird. Repressed nakedness. I’m not embarrassed, more uncomfortable. Mum nudist. I need to look just here. Bleuueergh. Repressed. I was too small. Gaunt looking. Cheeks sunk in. Too skinny. Growing used to freak me out. Not aware of my body as a child. Fighting to put on weight. Need to eat lots of eggs. I have four sisters, three of them older. Always talking about being fat. “does my bum look big in this?”Young men. Self image. Supplements. Gym. My teenager years. Acne can really get you down. Scrawny. No definition. Now flabby beer belly. Inside. Disease. Sex. Disease. Death. DNA. Cancer. Near death experience. Maybe this is the day I’m going to die. One nurse noticed. Communicated through his eyelids. That’s hope. That’s my fear. The human condition has this drive to survive. Rise above. Exercise. Illnesses. Blood poisoning. Hospital. Mortality. Die in my sleep. Skin is kinda disgusting. The veins. All the systems within the body is unreal. Fear about the body. Fear about giving birth. I have a fat lump. Oh wow. Actually lucky. Just normal things. Feel fortunate got to this age. Have all your limbs. No condition that limits you. Hope. Little Skin tags that I hate. Todays society focuses on having the perfect size boobs, cock, what ever, abs, ass. Futile really. Shape. Ugliness. I’m gay. Skin against skin. Making me feel better about myself. Skinny. Fat. Tall. Big. Muscly. I have a thing about nails. I really don’t like nails. I had to cut all my nails before I got here. That’s why I was late. It feels like my body is aging before my eyes. I’m only 45 not fucking 85. I look so tired. I just don’t feel attractive. I don’t feel sexy.
What is sexy?

Becoming a male prostitute. A guy comes to his house. Fat jumps up and down. Doesn’t have a cock. And describes the area there like an omelette. I felt revolting about balls. Now I like them. Its inverted. Turkey jowl. My teeth are falling apart. 18 fillings for my 18 birthday. One for every year. Teeth are very important. In the future. Gene pools. Design our DNA. Will people give birth in the future? Surrogate mothers. Did you ever have sex with a woman? Never enjoyed it. I just knew. Ugly tattoos. I had this tattoo for 21 years. They do bleed through. This scar is from when I fell off the rocks. The body is amazing. You can’t feel anything. Are you scared of blood? Puke makes me puke. Its just the smell. People are into weird shit. Full frontal. I could never get a hard on. I feel like we’ve been up to something. Catholic guilt. Shame about our bodies. I didn’t fit in with the girls. Macho. Athletic. Clothes are your armour. Discovered my clitoris for the first time. Wank and really feel it. No protection around me. You abuse your body a lot. We revert back. I don’t like people to touch me if I don’t know them. Fear about the body. Fear about giving birth. I’m free. We are going to live longer. Accidents. I’m afraid of some very slow wasting disease. S and M is another conversation. I’m afraid of pain. External world. Control. Tracking devices.We are the stupid generation that are allowing it. The female nipple. Selfies. Selfish. Cringe. Vanity. Food is manipulated so much. So processed. Maybe we are really sick actually. Gender issues. Would I present myself differently. I was hiding. We were sleeping together. My mother died when I was 19. Dress differently. Freer. Brutality.

Shall we wrap the body talk?


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