Bright Sadness | Siobhan Potter Online at Limerick City and County Museum


Bright Sadness | Siobhan Potter Online at Limerick City and County Museum Date/Time
Date(s) - 01/04/2022 - 14/05/2022





Before Light, there was hovering over water
Out of the relationship of movement and water, came Sound

Bright Sadness is a contemporary re-telling of oral poems as a way to re-member so as to not forget. The poems meditate on life, that is by design, from conception to death; punctuated by loss. Visual pieces perform as doorways to oral poems or as portals to other work, and so on. The coniunctio of virtual gallery within museum, and audience participation through interaction, situates the medicinal capacity of oral poetry back into community service.

Siobhan Potter works as a verbal artist in Ireland. Her practice, centered in relationship, explores the capacity of oral poetic form to midwife experience. She has poetry published in oral and print form and exhibits in relational and participatory ways. Siobhan curates Not the Time to be Silent, an Arts response to social distancing.

Bright Sadness is available through the Limerick City and County Museum, Limerick, Ireland from April 2022 and is funded by the Limerick City and County Council Culture & Arts office. Siobhan Potter would like to acknowledge Cat Gerrard, Dance Limerick and Limerick City and County Museum for space given, that led  to the development of this work.

Form provides refuge
Burrow deep for feral words
There fall asunder


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