Chronic Collective at Pallas Projects

Chronic Collective at Pallas Projects


28/07/2022 - 27/08/2022    


Pallas Projects/Studio
115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8, Dublin

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Pallas Projects/Studios are pleased to present Chronic Collective, an initiative by artists Áine O’Hara and Tara Carroll who have developed a landmark series of events around art, illness, and disability for Pallas Projects in July and August 2022. These events are by and for sick and disabled artists as well as anyone who wants to create with accessibility in mind, or participate in an accessible art project. Artists can drop-in to workshops or attend multiple to develop a performance with the support of Chronic Collective.

The events themselves are active sites of learning and best practice. The flexible times, length and frequency of events are laid out by Chronic Collective with accessibility inherent providing comfortable seating, transport, food and snacks, a slow-paced, masked and ventilated environment, and quiet spaces available for breaks. Talks and workshops will be free, live-streamed, captioned and ISL interpreters provided in order to remove barriers to participation.

Through these programmatic actions, participants provide expert feedback about their needs, and what arts organisations can do to assist continued, sustainable involvement in the arts for arts workers and participants. We also invite the wider artist-run network to attend an accessibility focused workshop as a training opportunity for the sector. A guidebook will be produced to share the findings of the project, which will be made freely accessible to arts organisations. We see this as a vital process for the arts sector to develop inclusion capabilities, gathering research directly from artists through activity based research. This important project has been made possible by the Capacity Building Award 2022 with thanks to the Arts Council for their support.

Chronic Collective is a multidisciplinary curatorial art collective with a strong focus on accessibility in the arts. The collective is run by two queer and chronically ill artists, Tara Carroll and Áine O’Hara. We create opportunities to platform disabled and/or chronically ill artists’ work in a supportive and care focused environment catering to individual needs with a view to alleviating some of the barriers faced when creating and exhibiting work. Structuring events and workshops to a more sustainable and flexible pace, with quiet low light rest areas, comfortable spaces, snacks and plenty of breaks which benefits both artists and audience.

Exhibitions, events and workshops are open to all as we believe everyone can benefit from more accessible opportunities to support knowledge exchange and to build relationships. We encourage the artists we work with to integrate accessibility into their artworks, for it to be inherent in the concept and not just an afterthought. We also facilitate access and creative workshops to provide artists with tools and generate greater public dialogue and consciousness of accessibility.

Formally known as 4D Space we’ve always strived to promote accessibility in the arts within our curatorial practice. We are passionate about creating welcoming and supportive spaces for emerging artists or anyone new to performance art to learn, workshop and perform live.  We have curated many live art events in spaces such as Mart Gallery, The Back Loft Creative Hub at La Catedral studios, and Smock Alley Theatre. ‘Art Against the Odds’ was a two day event platforming artists who feel like ‘outsiders’ to create work responding to the challenges of surviving the arts industry. Consisting of a live art party and round table discussion with all the invited artists and staff from the gallery to discuss their work, challenges they face and prospective solutions.

We facilitated a series of performance art workshops in The Lab Gallery at Dublin City Arts Office, and at The Back Loft Creative Hub at La Catedral studios. We have also taught performance art at 3rd level to various different course groups at Dun Laoghaire Institute for Art, Design and Technology. The goal of these classes and workshops was to introduce performance art to people and artists from various disciplines and backgrounds in order to support them in accessing their individual creativity.


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