De Natura | Group Exhibition at Via Vallero, Turin, Italy


De Natura | Group Exhibition at Via Vallero, Turin, Italy Date/Time
Date(s) - 17/11/2018 - 16/12/2018

Via Vallero





Opening: 17 November, 5pm.

The exhibition has the intention to bring together three different painters to show by different cultural approaches, the Dutch Evi Vingerling, the Italian Daniele Fabiani and the Chinese Chen Li, the relationship between art and nature and how vernacular traditions, social and cultural situations change the perception of nature in art and vice versa. Different artistic practices and new artistic inspirations bring the audience in a journey into an ancient context, as the one of Villa Vallero, through fresh artworks.

The notion of nature is always been bound to the human history: from the first dualism “savage” and “domestic” during the nomadic culture, crossing over the “Ager et Silva” of the Roman Empire up to the modern age, where this differentiation remains object of study.

A new debate on art and nature will take place to show how the social perception has changed the experience of their borders in last ages. It will be interesting to see how contemporary art is renewing itself, its technique and assessment, dematerialises itself or, on the contrary, becomes more tangible to enter in a more historical and social dimension.

This exhibition will explore the nature environment through the unique colour mark and palette of the single artist involved and, moreover, it will be animated by a series of symposia and talks about the project concept.


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