Disintegrate | Greg Purcell at Universal Space


Disintegrate | Greg Purcell at Universal Space Date/Time
Date(s) - 03/06/2022 - 28/06/2022

Universal Space





Greg Purcell (b. 1988) is a Director & Photographer from Dublin.

Greg is a Sweet Demon who spends his time trying to find the darkness within the otherwise wholesome moments. Children’s Birthday party? He’s shooting the abandoned doll’s buggy overturned on the grass. Flowers in bloom? He’s in the sewers.

Primarily working within the realms of film and music, he has been drawn to photograph the world as he claims to see it.

Disintegrate is his first solo exhibition – inspired by a Cure album because of course it was – and shot across a period of two years, the work focuses primarily on the distortion of personal perspectives.


Disintegrate – a dismantling Memory.

Fall apart, dismantle and impact. New line and in time, Integrate. 

Abandon all hope. Somewhere there is loving in the distance.

Disassociate. Observe in isolation. Repeat. Each. Moment.

Airplane windows drag their wide-lipped faces across the mirror. 

Cranes stand lonely in the sky, unspeaking.

Swallowed in reality, we disappear.

These images dismantle memory. 

They represent a period of merely existing. An attempt to Disintegrate emotion from experience.


Universal Space grew out of a deep need for connection. With ourselves, our community, and to our collective and individual spirit through the activation of mind and body. We see health as a holistic process that involves every component of the being as an integral part of the whole.

From outdoor events, to sweats and gatherings, we also have a physical studio space in the heart of Dublin where we host a series of exhibitions, activities & workshops, as well as individual space hires. 



Drinks on the night provided by Dingle Distillery


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