Distances Make Paths Between Them | Aifric Prior Beliere at A4 Sounds


Distances Make Paths Between Them | Aifric Prior Beliere at A4 Sounds Date/Time
Date(s) - 16/09/2021 - 26/09/2021
12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

A4 Sounds




16th – 26th Sept 2021 | A4 Sounds Gallery

Distances Make Paths Between Them is a multimedia installation relating to humans’ experience of Earth. The works employ a romanticised perspective of this experience, found in collective imagination and memory through cinema, art history, advertising and story-telling. The exhibition is concerned with humans’ tenuous connection to Earth which battles the colonisation of other planets, climate disasters and the epoch of socio-technological relationships. These themes are imitated within the space with a curiosity towards intra-action and hierarchy.

Through various acts of looking, designated by the artworks, a picture of the relationships and associations fundamental to the processing of our time on Earth is offered. This picture is not explained or defined, but exists as the relationships it enacts between times and materials; the same can be said for the Universe.


Saturday 25th September | 7pm – 8:30pm

Distances Make Paths Between Them is a ‘Spin Off’ from Aifric’s graduate film work AKUMA. We are delighted to be able to present a Live Scored Screening of this work in the gallery on Saturday 25th September. Tickets are limited and can be booked below.

AKUMA follows a young artist and her daemon as they prepare to take part in a space mission. The film utilises cinematic and artistic tropes to discuss broader concerns related to the role of contemporary arts practice in society and the role of relationships and narratives in our agency.

Light acts as the most fundamental device to form this work, both materially and ideologically, as the viewer follows Akuma’s trajectory towards spaceflight. By warping familiar imagery and archetypal narratives, this work explores the concept of a supposed linear progress of evolution and the disparate knowledges within. The video enacts various fascinations towards and dependencies on light, including the idea of ascension, projection, illumination and growth. These facets of evolution have been instrumental in humans’ plans to colonise other planets and the western phenomenon of progress under individualism. AKUMA’s story reveals the fallibility and inter-reliance involved in any journey on Earth and beyond.

Further information: https://a4sounds.org/aifric-prior-beliere/

Aifric Prior Beliere

Aifric Prior Beliere is a recent graduate of Fine Art from TUDublin. She utilises a multi-disciplinary practice to explore themes related to socio-technological relationships and the impact this has on world-making. Recent exhibitions include Corona Concept Gallery ‘Place Holding Space’ 2020 curated by Jobst Graeve and TU Dublin Graduate Exhibition 2021. She was recently awarded the Fire Station Graduate Residency Award.

Aifric is the recipient of our We Only Want the Earth TU Dublin Graduate Award 2021.

We Only Want the Earth is kindly supported by The Arts Council of Ireland’s Art Grant Funding 2021.


Further Information

General Accessibility Information:
This event will take place in our gallery which is wheelchair accessible.
The gallery is approx a 5m walk from the front door.
There is a garden with benches and stool adjacent to the gallery for breaks if needed.

Installation Specific Information:
There is loud sound in the gallery; an audio piece of experimental music is played on a PA.
The gallery is low lit, there are no flashing lights.
You can move freely around the gallery space. Comfortable seating can be provided if required.

Our bathrooms are gender-neutral
Our bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible. They are located on the first floor via a flight of stairs (approx 22 steps) so may also be inaccessible for people with movement impairments.

If you have specific needs that are not included in this information please get in touch via and we will work with you to ensure you are comfortable on your visit. You can email us via events@a4sounds.org.


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