Elegy / Rural Shame | Sheila Naughton / Lorraine Cleary at Custom House Studios Gallery, Westport


Date(s) - 23/01/2020 - 16/02/2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Custom House Studios Gallery





Elegy / Sheila Naughton and Rural Shame / Lorraine Cleary at Custom House Studios Gallery,
The Quay, Westport, Co. Mayo. Opening Thursday, January 23rd at 7.30pm. Exhibition runs until February 16th 2020.

Sheila Naughton and Lorraine Cleary exhibit together at Custom House Studios Gallery.

Elegy / Sheila Naughton
“The beauty of the world hath made me sad, this beauty that will pass”.
From “The Wayfarer” by Padraig Pearse, 1916.

Words written by poets have a way of lingering in the mind and touching the heart.

The words of this poem were written long before climate change and the threat of extinction were issues of global concern. Rather than being a harbinger of an unforeseen future, the poem was a reflection on the passing of time and, by implication, life. Pearse recognised that transience was at the heart of nature and that we too are transient.

“Elegy” takes as its theme this sense of things that we are familiar with becoming things that are fleeting, things that will change and pass.

A native of Dublin, Sheila Naughton is an Honours graduate of NCAD and Ecole Cantonale des Beaux Arts et d’Arts Appliquees, Lausanne, Switzerland. Having worked in industry and education for over twenty five years, Sheila is now working as a full-time artist.

Rural Shame / Lorraine Cleary
Cleary works with the belief that space has the ability to absorb events, traumatic or otherwise and with each onslaught of such an event, that space is changed permanently. In particular her focus has been on the domestic space and the hidden traumas within. Her work attempts to create a thoughtful dialogue through careful re-fashioning of materials, a selective use of colour and a combination of light to draw the viewer into this disturbing domestic circumference. The concept behind the work derives from trauma, coercion, aiming to move exploitation out of its taboo area and open it up to an area of discourse.

Her pieces become hybrid objects through their mish mash of domestic memoirs that transcend into the surrounding space. Their painted surfaces are unfinished; exposed; interrupted and allude to a hypocrisy hidden beneath a falsehood of perfection.

Diegesis is commonly defined in film and literature as the telling of a story by a narrator, a summarization of the plot, it is the environment in which those narrated themes are played out. Cleary’s practice employs this theory in the creation of work that challenges the viewer’s perception by alluding to the untold stories hidden within the domestic sphere.

Lorraine Cleary is a part-time tutor with the Learning Support Unit in Limerick School of Art & Design and a volunteer with Adapt House Women’s Refuge in Limerick. An experimental artist working primarily with sculptural installations in pursuance of the creation of mini environments centered around the domestic landscape.



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