Flora & Fauna | Amanda Doran at RHA Ashford Gallery Dublin


Flora & Fauna | Amanda Doran at RHA Ashford Gallery Dublin Date/Time
Date(s) - 18/01/2019 - 10/02/2019

Royal Hibernian Academy





Exhibition Opening: Thursday January 17th  (6 – 8pm).

Amanda Doran’s solo show Flora & Fauna at the RHA Ashford Gallery opens Thursday 17th January. Show runs from January 18th – February 10th.

Event: Ashford in Conversation: Amanda Doran with Exhibition Curator Ruth Carroll, January 23rd 5.30pm, Ashford Gallery.

Ashford in Conversation: Amanda Doran with Exhibitions Curator, Ruth Carroll.

Amanda Doran’s new body of work explores contemporary ideologies of a modern day woman, from a female perspective. Doran considers what it means to be a woman at a time when it is being redefined by generation Y, social media, self-care advocates and well-being activists.

“The aesthetics of what beauty is, or more importantly what a beautiful woman is, is changing rapidly. With countless social media accounts advocating body imperfections, championing our vulvas, breasts, bottoms, stretch marks, flab, belly rolls, body hair, emotional vulnerabilities, self-image struggles, self-worth battles and celebrating our sexual liberty, sexual proclivities and sexual self-exploration, being a woman in 2018 has been a very fascinating thing” says Doran.

In this work, Doran wanted to rediscover this new type of woman, examining new approaches to self-image, redefining not only how
women see one another but more importantly how women see themselves. Her research has also looked extensively to pagan ideologies and primitive tribal attitudes towards women within community and tribal groups with symbols, patterns and representations from various
ancient cultures appearing in these new works.

Doran sees this work as a re-writing of well told stories, by re-imagining the old outdated perspectives of the ideal woman, coming from a male standard and rebuilding the image of what the ideal woman is, from a female standard. She has created a utopia for women within these new works and here the female figures can explore and celebrate their sexual power, primitive urges, their strengths, weaknesses and their individual sources of power.


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