Heavy Metal Parking Lot | Group Exhibition in Rotterdam


Date(s) - 12/09/2020 - 08/11/2020






Heavy Metal Parking Lot

A group exhibition curated by Pádraic E. Moore

Featuring works by Vanessa Disler, Melissa Gordon, Richard Hamilton, Xavier Mary, Olaf Mooij, Alan Phelan, Monika Stricker, Erik Thys and Sam Venables.

Since the twentieth century, the car has been inseparable from pop culture, becoming the ultimate symbol of sexuality and masculinity. The group exhibition Heavy Metal Parking Lot recognizes this historic role of the car as a phallic symbol and turns the car into a vehicle for exploring human drives and emotions.

Referring to the building’s original function, a Volkswagen Garage, the Heavy Metal Parking Lot transforms the exhibition space into a junction between a parking garage and a junkyard. The exhibition brings together the work of nine international artists and explores the aesthetic and conceptual role of the car in contemporary art. The artists attribute human qualities to the car in order to investigate emotions such as failure, desire and vulnerability. With particular attention to sculptures and paintings, the exhibition refers to the rich and vibrant legacy of Pop Art.

The recent emergence of self-driving technology coupled with the environmental crisis is changing the way we use and think about the car. We see a new dynamic emerging in the relationship between humans and machines. Will the car still remain a powerful symbol of power, desire and escapism?


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